Frank and Relda came to EVCC in June of 2016. They have five boys, three that are married and they have 4 grandchildren. They love the peaceful valley and always hoped to live in the mountains one day. 

Frank loves to teach what the Bible has to say. His sermons are easy to listen to, and teach what he feels is important - mainly reading and learning God's Word. 

Frank and Relda studied at Briercrest Bible School way back in 1986 - 1991. Frank then decided to open up an auto body shop and work for himself in his hometown of Niagara Falls Ontario. In 2006 he went back to Briercrest and completed his BA in Christian Studies. They began ministry life in Iroquois Falls, Ontario and pastored a small church plant. After 10 years, they felt called to move west and joined this great family of believers in Elkford.

Frank says, "We have a passion for music and love to play our guitars and sing contemporary worship songs. We welcome family and children, and love it when we hear the kids say they love to come to church!" 

Following Jesus, helping others come to know Him, and growing in our Christian walk is what we hope to bring to EVCC. 



EVCC began in 1989 as a group in Elkford met together to decide on a denomination that would suit their beliefs. The Congregational church was unfamiliar to them, so they did their research and found that they loved what they stood for. The CCCC website says, "Thankful and appreciative of the faith of our ancestors, the Congregational Christian Churches in Canada looks to the future with a passionate desire to see Canada and the world come to know our Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.
The Congregational Christian Churches in Canada is a fellowship of churches committed to carrying on the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is to Proclaim Jesus Christ, Make Disciples, and to Grow Healthy Churches."

We love to think of ourselves as a church that reaches out to our community. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we invite you to come as you are. Our setting is casual, friendly, and we offer you a cup of coffee each Sunday morning. Sunday School/nursery is offered before the message, and as interest leads, we offer Bible studies for ladies, teens and other groups.